Hi, I’m Rajiv

Online Executive Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

Certified Managerial Grid (Blake & Mouton), Certified Synergogy (Blake & Mouton)

I have helped various categories of people CEO’s, Professional Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Executives in staff and line functions, Sales persons, Administrative assistants, Telephone Operators, Workers and students of Schools and Colleges.

As an online executive coach, I am absolutely committed to help you improve confidence, relationships, leadership skills, communication skills, productivity and work performance. Also overcome challenges, accelerate development and achieve goals.

In the past 30 years I have trained over 100,000 people from all walks of life. My workshops on Public Speaking, Time Management, Supervisory Skills, Communication, Leadership, Achievement Motivation, Attitudinal Change, and Presentations etc are highly in demand. With the ability to motivate, energize and empower people to higher levels of performance, I enjoy the privilege of being a chosen trainer.My programmes are very effective, because of their simple structure and lucid manner in which they are facilitated.

I constantly keep updating my content and approach in a way which is very practical and actionable that anyone can quickly understand it and implement it. My content is comprehensive and cutting edge. It is more about value than hyping people. I believe in making a difference in people's life. I am driven by a higher purpose and that's what makes all the difference.

I have been getting my wisdom from world's greatest coaches like, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Tony Buzan, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey and Dale Carnegie.

I am also a passionate trainer, facilitator, outbound coach, author, podcaster, enabler, seminar leader and a YouTuber.

You can have an online meeting with me to find out whether or not online executive coaching is the right choice for you.

Get in touch with me today to take your life to the next level!

I live in Mumbai with my wife and son. If you wish to invite me to your organization as a speaker, trainer or coach, you may get in touch with me at rajiv@rajivkumarluv.com